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We confess. Unlike some email newsletters, we're a bit lacking in cheap deals, silly promotions and pretentious gossip. But if you're looking for a great event this month with high attendance, nice people and happen to be worried about the plight of abducted cows, well then - read on!


London Event: Thurs 27 March @ ORCHID

It's almost that time of year again when people eat lots of Chocolate eggs. We thought this would be a great idea for a theme to our main event in London this month, for over 400 guests! We're holding the event at the newly relaunched Orchid (formerly CC Club). Free cocktails and Chocolate will be served on arrival. Please make sure your name is on the guest-list by clicking here.

Brighton Event: Thurs 27 March @ Koba

Don't forget our Brighton event this month as well. Click here for full details.

Tues 29 April and 6 May

You asked for more events at the theatre - So we've lined up four, including WICKED, NEVER FORGET and THE WOMAN IN BLACK. But we're kicking off with the fantastic show, HAIRSPRAY! If you haven't seen this yet, you really should. It's awesome.

We'll be taking a group of members along to network pre-show, enjoy complimentary wine, and hopefully get a chance to meet the cast! Tickets will go on sale in the coming days... Look out for your invitation and say, Good Morning Balitmore!



It has not escaped out attention that a lot of people attending our monthly event work in legal and media circles. So in later in the year we're teaming up with the Lesbian and Gay London Lawyers Association for a special, industry specific, joint event. We've also got more Village Politics events on their way, and we've invited the Executive Producer of Doctor Who and writer of the original Queer as Folk television series, Mr Russell T Davies to attend our very first media night. We'll keep you posted on whether he's coming!

Almost 100 people attended last month's event in Brighton. That's a record, so we're pleased! The next one is happening at the Koba private member's bar on Thursday 27 March.



Village Drinks has been invited along to the next meeting of Londons LGBT organisations at City Hall, at the end of the month.

We thought - hey, why not?! So, we're going along. If you have any issues you'd like us to raise, just let us know, and we'll do our best!

It's official. We're launching in Manchester in partnership with the legal firm RJW, one of our lovely sponsors.

Venues are being lined up as we speak and the official launch date will be announced shortly. If you know someone living in Manchester who would like to help us organise these events, then please drop us a line and let us know.

Email manchester@villagedrinks.co.uk

The first event will be held at the Sky Bar...


(just too tall to fit the right way up)


We and our members are interested in what other members are doing. That's kinda the point of having a social network and why we started Village Drinks.

If you have any news about yourself or your business which you think will be of interest to others, let us know and we'll write about it here. And we won't charge you, either!

1. Village Drinks was started by a small group of gay professionals who wanted something more than what the scene had to offer.

2. Membership of our group is free. We have 6000 active members in London alone. Our monthly event attracts an average of 500 people. Our free online community, Village People, now has over 1000 profiles for you to view. Take a look here.

3. We've discovered there are cows being abducted all over the world. Shocking but true. Click here: http://www.cowabduction.com/

We look forward to seeing you at Orchid at the end of the month!
Thank you for your continued support.

The Village Drinks Team
(Doing what we do best)