Hello and welcome to the February Village News

As Valentines Day just passed, we were going to try to do a special love themed newsletter. But, as our top stories this month are about pod-casting, skiing and our next event, we thought that would be a bit naff.

Podcast Launched!

Are we excited?  Yes.  Very.  Being techno geeks, last week we went out and bought some wizardry gadgetry that even Harry Potter would approve off, and recorded the award winning journalist, Johann Hari at our political event this month. 

So, if you weren’t able to make it along to the event then now you can listen to what Mr Hari had to say by visiting our website. 



Village Women on its way

It’s been a while since we organised a ladies only night.  In fact, we’ve never organised a ladies night.  So please begin the drum-role for the inaugural Village Women event at the Eve Club on Tuesday 13 March.

Already 177 people have signed up. 


“An Evening with… Howell James OBE - Government Permanent Secretary”

The Independent on Sunday rated him the 13th most influential gay man in Britain.Yep, we are delighted to announce that our next political evening, (Tues 10 April) we will be joined by the eminent Howell James CBE. 

As Permanent Secretary, Howell is responsible for the strategy, coordination and effectiveness of government communication across Whitehall.

Everyone wants a good job

That’s we advertise them on our website.  We don’t want to email you job vacancies at work.  That’s just not ‘the done thing’, is it?  But from now on we are going to preview one or two of them here.

At the moment, our site is showing lots of new vacancies at Merrill Lynch, public affairs consultancies and JCPR.


Last month’s Winners

Amongst last month’s competition winners are the disarmingly handsome Ben Couldridge and Rolf Kirkwood, who were amongst a group who won a free trip to see the new film, Infamous (and who were happy to have their photo taken). 

Here they are.  Congratulations to both of you!


Fat Groundhogs

We don’t actually have any news about fat groundhogs; but here’s a picture of one anyway.

Next Event @ Sway – 27 February 2007

Our main event this month is being held at Sway in Covent Garden, in partnership with Merrill Lynch.  We last went there in October last year and ever since, we have been bombarded with requests to go back.   

We’re expecting around 600 people at this, so we have booked a nice large space for everyone. As usual, all guests will get complimentary wine on arrival before 8.30pm, courtesy of Merrill Lynch; and there will be live entertainment on hand to keep things lively. To register to attend just click here

And finally…  

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for supporting Village Drinks.  In the next couple of months, we’re lining up some really exciting events for you, and of course we’ll be brining you the fantastic Village People (and no, we’re still not ready to say what this is).

We look forward to seeing you at Sway on 27 Feb!

The Village Drinks Team

p.s. 5 Facts about us

  1. We like cake
  2. 4234 gay professionals in London receive this newsletter
  3. Last month’s event attracted 663 gay professionals
  4. We totally dislike pretensions; please leave them at the door
  5. If we ever do something wrong, we’d like you to tell us


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