We'd like to share with you some of the new things that are happening with Village Drinks at the moment, because we're excited about them and hope you might be to.

This month's news is one of our best yet...

You may have noticed we have a lovely new website. It lets you do clever things like see who is coming to our events, keep in touch with people, and network online. You even get your own personal galleries. Oh, it's free as well. We now have over 5000 members. You can meet a few of the here.

Blogging is the fashionable thing to do at the moment. It’s also rather fun. In case you didn't know, we too have a blog. We've called it Village Voice. It's a bit like our news, except we'll post things here every week, as and when we think of it.  

Each member of the Village Drinks Team has a proper day job. Some of us work in an office; others work in retail! Some of us are bankers, others are lobbyists.  With all that experience, we hope we’ve got a couple of interesting things to say about life. And if you don’t agree with us, you can call us Sandra.

Go on, we dare you! Click here.



We got tired of visiting familiar venues.  So we’ve found new ones.  And exciting ones at that. 

From September onwards, expect us to visit top places including Sound (with its terrific views) and the historic Café De Paris for an extraordinary Halloween Party you won’t forget in a hurry.  

Serving the professional gay community is what we do.  It is our bread and butter (but obviously, we can’t eat it!).  On Village Living you'll find lots of nice people offering all sorts of different things, from legal services to lettings agencies. You can even read about the people running these businesses and contact them through Village People.

A great example is Chateau Mystique, a long weekend away from the hub hub with like minded people, running from the evening of Thursday 23rd August.  Guests will stay in a grand medieval chateau located in the Dordogne area of France with food, fine local wines, accommodation and optional activities such as kayaking, paintball and wine tasting all included.   

Village Drinks members will receive a 25% price reduction. For more information and prices please click here.

Some of the team works in theatre.  That means we can get some great cheap deals for our members.  We have had an idea for a theatre club


It’s going to work like this: we will organise group outings to the theatre, with free drinks receptions thrown in.

We’ve already lined up some great productions in collaboration with the Ambassador Theatre Group, and in a few weeks time will be making some announcements we hope the theatre-goers amongst you will appreciate.

If you’d like to attend our theatre outings please email theatre@villagedrinks.co.uk

Yes, it’s official.  We are going to start organising events in Brighton in the next few months.  We’ve have partnered with the wonderful Sussex Gay Professionals, who have very kindly introduced us to their membership.  

More on this soon, but we appreciate it if you could tell your friends far and wide in the Brighton area about this development. 

Manchester too, is on the way – but we’re not allowed to say anything about that until next month.  


What’s that you say? Media and facilitated networking?  Oh yes indeed.   By next month we’ll have some great news for you on a very high profile partnership which is going to involve facilitated (hosted) networking evenings.  These will be special one-off events organised intermittently throughout the year.  They’ll also be jolly good fun. 

We’re also introducing a media night through partnering with a very high profile media networking group.  More on this soon – but hold November in your diary for this one and expect a guest speaker we’re confident you’ll all have heard of…)


The guest-list for our August event is now open.

We are returning to one of our most popular haunts – the Langley, in the heart of Covent Garden.

If you’d like to attend please visit our website, login and sign-up.

We look forward to seeing you there,

Best wishes

The Village Drinks Team 

p.s. thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Gathering last week. Over 700 people passed through the doors during the evening.  Photographs from the event are here.