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Russell Jones & Walker

Pink Law - Know your rights at home, at work and at play

Russell Jones and Walker is working in partnership with Village Drinks to give free access to information about the range of new laws affecting gay people.

We recently held a special event together with PinkNews.co.uk, Gay Times and Diva Magazine at the Curzon Cinema in Sooho, London, to discuss the many questions that gay people have about their rights, such as:

How do I complain about being victimised at work without being outed?

What kind of discrimination at work will result in compensation?

Are pre-nuptial agreements legally binding? How will the goods and services laws work?

How can I take action against homophobic businesses?

Can I adopt my partner's kids?

If I and my partner got a civil partnership in the UK, does that mean we are also married in Spain?

We're planning a similar event for November in Manchester. To join our mailing list and to receive further information when detals are announced, please visit Russell Jones & Walker.

Equality Xpress

If you are concerned that you are experiencing discrimination at work, EqualityXpress is a free and confidential online service that may assist you. Visit EqualityXpress, fill in a few simple questions and a qualified solicitor will contact you to give you their legal opinion.

David Franey (Head of Employment, Manchester)


David is a partner in the Employment department. David specialises in a broad range of employment law but his particular areas of specialism include discrimination law, judicial review and public sector pensions.

Click here to find out more


Arpita Dutt (Partner, London)


Arpita has a broad based experience in employment law advising institutional and private clients in all areas of discrimination law, whistleblowing, redundancy and high profile claims.

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