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Pinke.biz is a gay friendly business directory for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Search topics such as travel, health and wellbeing, advice, weddings, events, and much more using our easy search facility.

We only list business and organisations that are gay-friendly on pinke.biz, enabling you to search for a product or service safe in the knowledge that you will not be discriminated against based on your sexuality. As well as gay-friendly, our site is family-friendly, so you will not find any overtly adult sexual content.

The pinke.biz website was born out of sheer disappointment and frustration over the amount of sexual imagery and advertising content of gay-specific websites and more generally with service providers who have not yet come to terms with the fact that nearly 10% of the population is gay or lesbian - and that 10% brings in a staggering total of £70 billion a year in the UK alone.

Have you ever tried to look for a gay-friendly business in your area?  Sounds easy enough - but it isn't.  Until now that is. 

Pinke.biz will give you access to all gay-friendly goods and services, on a website that is family-friendly and not bombarded with sexual imagery and pornographic links.  Search for businesses in your area or around the UK, and you can be guaranteed that you will not be discriminated against based on your sexuality.

We're not just a directory website - check out our news and articles, and register yourself on PinkePals, our very own social network.

For businesses, pinke.biz is a sure way to reach the gay market through our various forms of advertising and directory listings.  Have a look under the Register tab for more details, or simply contact us for more information at info@pinke.biz.


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