Greetings friends - past, present and future, and welcome to this month's Village News!

Once upon a time, a group of gay professionals decided there was more to life than the gay scene and its various pretentious connections. So we created Village. Our aim - to make life as easier, as fun and as open for gay professionals, everywhere.

As we're doing some pretty exciting things at the moment for gay professionals everywhere, we'd really like to tell you about them. Please read about them. Pleeeease. They're better than a slap in the face*.


Drum roll please... Our annual Halloween Party - and main event for this month - is now confirmed for the 30 Oct at the Langley in Covent Garden, one of our most popular venues!

Please make sure your name is on the guest list if you're coming, as our Halloween events are always packed. Drinks are on us until 8.30pm! And we're open to 500 people.

To guest-list yourself please click here.


After you said so many positive things about our first media night, we thought it'd be rude not to do another one.

On the 16 Oct we'll be joined at the Green Carnation by the Assistant Editor of the Telegraph, Andrew Pierce, who will be giving a special talk on his career at the top of the media tree and sharing his views on the recent debacles at the party conferences and other current issues.

He'll be joined by the former Head of the Press Complaints Commission, Guy Black!

Reserve your place, click here.



Our second ever night of speed dating will take place on the 22 October, hosted by a man who knows his stuff.

There are 50 places... 27 of them are gone already. We can't promise you life-long love. We can't even promise you a one night stand (if that's your thing). But we can promise you a rollicking good night.

Reserve your place, click here.

For Halloween, we’re taking a group of 60 members to see the Woman in Black, one of the most exciting, gripping and successful theatre events ever staged.

So please join us for what promises to be a great night out.

Book your tickets here.



If you receive this email you can now upload your own events and activities to our website. We'd like to point out that this functionality is completely free, by the way. So post away to your heart's delight.

To see what we mean, have a look, here.

  We've been up to some neat stuff recently. We held a party with Diversity Milkround at Orchid for 500 gay professionals, to welcome London's new graduate recruits. Click here to view the photos!
  We launched our media networking night with Polly Toynbee from the Guardian, and the BBC. You can have a look at that one, here.
  We heard from Sir Michael Bishop at our Business networking event, sponsored by Merrill Lynch. 180 people came. Count 'em in the Photos here!

In November, we'll be announcing some great new initiatives that we hope will build on what we've done before... An evening with someone special from The Times, a date with James Caan from Dragons Den and, for December... oh, OH!!! We can't! Sorry... Not yet! It's just too early to say. And Alice is demanding we keep everyone in suspense**.

The people behind the website, the events and these emails. Who we are and why we do what we do. Take a look here:


* This depends of course, on precisely what has slapped you in the face...

** Alice is actually struggling not to wet herself about our December surprise. But we will say now it's for charity and better than the biggest cake you can imagine. Better even than Doctor Who (and it's been planned for aaaaages!)

The Village Drinks Team :-)
(Known by the company we keep)