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FFLAG is dedicated to supporting families and friends of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people.

We are there for young people who are worried about coming out to their parents

We are there for parents who need support when their son or daughter comes out

We are there for brothers and sisters, for uncles and aunts, for grandparents and all the other family and friends who have questions or might need support when someone close to them comes out

We are there too for gay, lesbian and bisexual people of whatever age.

FFLAG operates a UK-wide network of support groups and telephone help-lines. The help-lines are all run by proud parents who have a gay, lesbian or bisexual son or daughter.

Sarah* (15) told us she had come out to her parents, who said that if she ever mentioned that she was a lesbian again, they would throw her out on the street.

Mandy rang us in tears– her 18 year old son told her that he was gay.  She was frightened of how her husband would react and desperately wanted to talk to someone who would understand her.

A 16 year old called – dreading a repeat of the homophobic bullying that the new school term would bring

Peter, a gay man in his fifties, shared with us the fact that as a teenager his father had had him sectioned under the Mental Health Act because of his sexuality, and he’d been subjected to electric shock treatment to ‘cure’ him

We are there for you, your parents, your family, your friends and your work colleagues.

Do you wish that you or your family had had the support of FFLAG in the past?

We rely on individuals  - like you – to support our work as we continue to help the thousands of  people who look to us for understanding, information and support. If you would like to help FFLAG address the prejudice, ignorance and homophobia that so many people still experience please make a donation by visiting www.justgiving.com

If you or anyone close to you would like to talk about any issues on this page,  please call our confidential helpline – 0845 652 0311. We also offer supportive literature ‘How do I Tell My Parents?’ and ‘ A Guide for Family and Friends’.

Do visit our website www.fflag.org.uk if you would like more information

* All names have been changed to maintain confidentiality




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